Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs cannot be cleaned inside the home the way wall-to-wall carpeting is cleaned.

Oriental rugs must be brought into our store where they can be properly and dried. We have over 30 years of experience cleaning oriental rugs, so you have peace of mind knowing that your oriental rugs is being professionally cleaned by an expert with many years of experience professionally cleaning oriental rugs.

Why bring your oriental rug to us for cleaning:

Oriental rugs are typically made with fibers that are more delicate than the kind of fibers found in wall-to-wall carpeting, such as wool, cotton and silk. Oriental rugs that are cleaned at home, particularly with common home rug cleaning equipment, can facilitate the bleeding of the dyes on oriental rugs. Additionally, they must by dried in the proper conditions so that the rugs do not create a musty odor. Finally, only the proper chemicals and solutions can be used to properly clean oriental rugs and remove stains.

Many common rug cleaning solutions found in stores can damage oriental rugs.  We only use industry leading cleaning solutions specifically designed for the optimum cleaning of oriental rugs. We also have the best stain removing product on the market specifically for removing stains from oriental rugs.


Call us at (919) 790-8539 or bring your rug in to our store to have it professionally cleaned.