I converted your Instagram account to a Business Profile.  This allows us to add your business address & phone and email address. 

A business profile also allows you to see analytics about your account, such as when your posts are seen most often, which posts have been seen the most, etc

I changed the name of your Instagram account from Fargo Hanna to Fargo Hanna Raleigh

I added a carefully worded profile (called bio) using targeted keywords, which is limited to 150 characters. The wording of the profile is important because the profile is one of the most looked at areas of a business Instagram account.   

  • I purposely kept the words Oriental Rugs and Persian Rugs together to help you show up in search results for those terms.
  • I intentionally used the word ‘Raleigh’ to help you show up in search results that include the word ‘Raleigh’ in them.
  • I intentionally mentioned you have a large showroom to differentiate you from people selling rugs out of their home, etc.
  • I intentionally mentioned the rug subcategories, (Tibetan,Turkish, Afghan, Soumak) to help present you as a leader in your field, as opposed to just saying Oriental and Persian Rugs. It always help to include as many keywords (words people entering in a Search) as possible
  • I also intentionally used the word combinations, ‘rug cleaning’ and ‘rug repair’, instead of just ‘rug cleaning and repair’ to help you show up in search results for those keywords.

Here is what I wrote:

Largest Oriental Rugs & Persian Rugs showroom in the Raleigh area.
-Tibetan, Turkish, Afghan, Soumak rugs and more
-Expert rug cleaning and rug repair.

I changed your logo to the one that is on your website for branding purposes.

Because I switched your Instagram account to a business profile, I was able to add your business email address, phone number and business address, so that people can easily contact you


Here is what your Instagram page looks like on a phone:

Keep in mind: social media is not a sprint. Businesses don’t just start posting content on their social media accounts and quickly see more business coming. Social media is more of a marathon that a sprint. Followers and engagement grow over time and once you have a lot of followers, you have more influence and subsequently you can convert more viewers into customers.

Also, you don’t need a lot of followers to be successful. You only need engaged followers; those who are genuinely interested in your content.

I put 2 posts on Instagram today and scheduled 6 more to appear over the course of the rest of the month.  I scheduled 3 posts per week. I have enough pictures to post on your Instagram page through January.

Here are the screenshots of the Instagram posts I put up today so that you can see what they look like:


You can see the scheduled posts below (the pictures in the scheduled posts are thumbnail size, but are full size when posted)


What to Do – Instagram

  1. Post Consistently, 1/day, 3x/week.  Set a schedule and stick with it.
  2. Use high quality pictures. 
  3. Show rug cleaning and rug repair pictures, before and after
  4. Use hashtags, up to 30
  5. Use raleigh in your hashtags
  • #persianrugraleigh
  • #persian #rugs #raleigh
  • #persianrugs
  • #orientalrugsraleigh
  • #orientalrugs #raleigh
  • #oriental #rugs #raleigh
  • #persiancarpets
  • #persian #carpets
  • #persian #carpets #raleigh
  • #persianrugcleaning
  • #persiancarpet #raleigh
  • #orientalrugcleaningraleigh
  • #oriental #rugs #raleigh
  • #orientalrugs #sale
  • #orientalrugsale
  • #turkishrugs
  • #turkishrugcleaning
  • #tibetanrugs
  • #tibetianrugcleaning
  • #tibetantigerrug
  • #tibetanwoolrug
  • #tibetanlambrug
  • tibetanprayerrug
  • #afghanrugs
  • #afghanrugshop
  • #afghanrugprices
  • #antiquerug
  • #interiordesign
  • #antiquerugs
  • #homedecor
  • #rugs
  • #turkishrugs
  • #vintagerug
  • #turkishrug
  • #rug
  • #ihavethisthingwithrugs
  • #antiquecarpet
  • #handmade
  • #turkishcarpet
  • #antiquecarpets



I changed your primary category from Rug Repair to Carpet & Flooring Store (the most applicable category available)

I added a button on your page to boost engagement “Send Email”

In the Services category, you had only one category listed, “Cleaning Rerpair” I changed that to: Rug Cleaning and added a description: “Expert cleaning of Oriental and Persian rugs of all types”

I added a picture to that service:

I also added Rug Repair and added a description: “Expert repair of Oriental and Persian Rugs of all types”

I added a picture to that service


I put up two posts on your Facebook page and scheduled 6 more throughout the month of November, 3 posts per week. 

Screenshots below:

I have enough pictures ready for you and Michael to post into January – they are ready to go.

Here are the scheduled posts through the end of the month: